Sun. Jul 21st, 2019

Spanish man ‘killed for wearing colours of national flag on his braces in row over nationalism’ ahead of Catalonia election

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A man was pounded the life out of for wearing the shades of the Spanish banner on his supports, police say, in front of decisions in Catalonia where expert autonomy voters conflicted with police toward the begin of October.

Víctor Láinez, 55, was kicked and struck over and over on the head with a metal bar and surrendered to his wounds four days after the fact after he was supposedly set upon by a known revolutionary outside a bar.

Police captured Rodrigo Lanza for assaulting Láinez after he and three other individuals had gotten into a contention with Lanza inside the premises in the city of Zaragoza, a representative said.

Witnesses said the assault came after Lanza had reprimanded Mr Láinez for wearing the supports in the shade of the national banner in the bar, in the capital of Aragon which outskirts Catalonia.

The gathering had been yelling at Mr Láinez and calling him a “rightist” in the line at the El Tocadiscos bar and Mr Láinez had shouted back, nearby daily paper Heraldo announced.

However, it turned brutal when Mr Láinez left the premises and Lanza and three others – a man and two ladies – sought after him outside the entryway before Lanza hit him with a metal bar and the gathering laid in kicks into his drooped body before every one of the three fled, as indicated by the report in the daily paper.

Police captured Lanza, 33, in the midst of their examination. He has no connections to the master freedom development in Catalonia however is a known revolutionary with a radical left-wing gathering.

It likewise rose that the far-right gathering Falange said Catalonia local Mr Lainez was a supporter of its development, as indicated by a report in The Local.

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